Salvador Rivas

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A 1.7-kilobase pair segment from the conjugative transfer region of plasmid R388 DNA was cloned and sequenced. It contained trwD, a gene essential for plasmid R388 conjugation, for expression of the conjugative W-pilus and for sensitivity to phage PRD1. The deduced amino acid sequence of TrwD showed homology to the PulE/VirB11 superfamily of potential(More)
While previous work has found cognitive ability to be strongly associated with whether older adults use the Internet, we consider whether cognitive ability also differentiates basic aspects of use. Four measures of use are considered: having high-speed access, length of time since initial household adoption, self-reported time using the Internet, and(More)
Paraneoplastic myelitis is a rare inflammatory disorder most frequently associated with solid tumors or lymphoproliferative disorders. Patients often harbor onconeuronal antibodies and their prognosis is usually poor. Here we report a 42-year old woman with longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis and aquaporin-4 (AQP4) antibodies that led to the(More)
Research partnerships between industry and academia are grown through relationships, a desire for innovation, and opportunities for sponsorship. Relationships mature through the mobility (virtual or otherwise) of academics, graduates, and seasoned industry professionals. From an industry perspective, innovation is driven by a need to grow product(More)
We study whether the padlock and the signal strength bars, two visual cues shown in network managers, convey their intended messages. Since users often choose insecure networks when they should not, finding the answer is not obvious; in our study we clarify whether the problem lies in uninformative and ambiguous cues or in the user who, despite(More)
Infective endocarditis (IE) presents with several signs and symptoms that are mainly heart-related and the result of bacteremia. We describe the case of a woman with severe renal hemorrhage due to a septic embolic cortical infarction, who was also receiving anticoagulation therapy because of cardiopathy, whose retroperitoneal hematoma was the first(More)
paper also benefited from comments and suggestions made by colleagues and students at the Demography Seminar, UW-Madison, and at a seminar presented at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Abstract. This study assesses the effect of population change on decade changes in the educational attainment level of ethnic (ancestry) populations in the United States.(More)