Salvador Medina

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Euglossines have long been regarded as largely solitary, though some species are known to exhibit social behavior. We studied the nesting behavior of Euglossa viridissima over an annual cycle, comparing sociality and offspring production across the rainy (RS) and dry seasons (DS) in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Nests were built in both the RS and the(More)
We present a novel social interactive system that brings music creation to the crowds. It allows anyone with a personal electronic device and regardless of their musical expertise to participate in the music an orchestra generates, while also encouraging social interactions among participants. Users can be either musicians or conductors. The latter drive(More)
Sexual size dimorphism (SSD), in which one sex is larger than the other, has remained understudied in social insects, particularly bees. Using weight and linear structural measurements, we quantified the magnitude of SSD and its variation across nests in three species of corbiculate bees, two belonging to the highly eusocial Apini (Apis mellifera) and(More)
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