Salvador Llana

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The aim of this study was to assess the influence of footwear with increased ankle support on ankle kinematics and on impact loads during landing from a vertical jump using high-speed cinematography, dynamometry and accelerometry in a series of tests in which a rebound action was simulated. To analyse the effect of this increased support on motor(More)
THE PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY WAS TWOFOLD (a) to develop an underwater chronometer capable to provide feedback while the athlete is swimming, as well as being a control tool for the coach, and (b) to analyse its feedback effect on swim pace control compared with feedback provided by the coach and with no feedback, in 25 m and 50 m swimming pools. 30 male(More)
The differences produced when running on a treadmill vs overground may call into question the use and validity of the treadmill as a piece of equipment commonly used in research, training, and rehabilitation. The aim of the present study was to analyze under pre/post fatigue conditions the effect of treadmill vs overground on plantar pressures. Twenty-seven(More)
It is well established nowadays the benefits that physical activity can have on the health of individuals. Walking is considered a fundamental method of movement and using a backpack is a common and economical manner of carrying load weight. Nevertheless, the shock wave produced by the impact forces when carrying a backpack can have detrimental effects on(More)
Subjective tests based on information gathered using 'discomfort questionnaires' have been used widely in ergonomics. In this study, we used a similar method to examine the discomfort associated with the footwear worn in tennis matches. A sample of 146 tennis players from a population of approximately 4000 completed the questionnaire. We performed a(More)
Performing Arts Medicine is a broad field that includes the study of medical conditions and injuries incurred by dancers, instrument musicians and vocalists. Musicians' playing-related health problems have focused more and more the interest of scientists, researchers, physicians, physiotherapists and, in generally, of health care professionals during the(More)
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