Salvador J. Peris

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The interaction between native fishes and salmonids introduced in Patagonia at the beginning of the 20th Century, developed at the same time as the environmental change. The phenomenon of global warming has led to the formulation of predictions in relation to changes in the distribution of species, in the latitudinal dimension, both at intralacustrine, or(More)
Roadkill is one of the most prominent causes of wildlife mortality. Much research effort has focussed on collisions with ungulates because of traffic safety. However, studies about large carnivore roadkills are scarce despite vehicles being a main cause of mortality. The absence of studies can be explained in part because of difficulties in obtaining(More)
Regular counts from 2005 to 2009 were made of the waterbirds inhabiting lakes and ponds in Lanín National Park in the southwestern part of Neuquén Province, Argentina, a landscape dominated by Andean–Patagonian wetlands and forests. Bird surveys conducted on 21 wetland areas detected 8,311 individuals belonging to 27 species from 9 families. The most(More)
The births of brown brocket deer ( Mazama gouazoubira) in a secondary lower montane forest called "yunga" in northwestern Argentina were compared with rainfall. Analyses were performed with rainfall and flower-fruit fall in an attempt to determine the possible importance of these seasonal variables in birthing. The births were not directly correlated with(More)
We studied the wintering of European Starlings by means of ringing recoveries since 1960 and the distribution of roosting sites in the last fifty years. An overall decrease was found in the number of roosts as well as in wintering birds. However, this is due to a a considerable decrease in the south and east, whereas in the north and northeast the number of(More)
The phase of the moon can affect activity patterns of nocturnal animals, and may also affect visibility for motorists. However, surprisingly little is known about whether the risk of a wildlife-vehicle collision (WVC) is associated with lunar phase. We investigated the relationship between frequency of WVC at night and lunar phase for four large ungulate(More)
From 1993–1998, we monitored a 24.1-km long concrete water canal in northern Spain for drowned mammals. Along the canal, 14 concrete bridges and 9 small bridges permitted crossing by humans and livestock. Our objective was to test whether those bridges could be used as passages for wild animals to prevent drowning. We used tracks recorded in sand on bridges(More)
1. The present study investigated the effects of encapsulated benzoic acid (BA) supplementation in broiler feed on performance and gastrointestinal microbiota. 2. Eighty broilers were randomly divided into two groups. Birds in the control group were fed on maize-soybean-based diets. Birds in the treatment group were provided the same diet supplemented with(More)
Nestling mortality and nestling mass in the Spotless StarlingSturnus unicolor is tested associated with the application of the ligature method to nestlings of 3–14 days old. Direct mortality during ligature application was 8.5%. Mortality was unaffected, because ligatured and control nestlings during the nestling period had similar mortality. Nestling mass(More)
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