Salvador Eslava

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Ellipsometric porosimetry was used to determine the adsorption isotherms of toluene, methanol, and water on b-oriented Silicalite-1 coatings with a thickness of less than ca. 250 nm and to obtain adsorption kinetics. The adsorption isotherms are of sufficient quality to reveal several aspects of the pore structure such as the adsorbate capacity and the(More)
The downscaling of feature sizes in integrated circuits (IC) requires on-chip interconnects with low dielectric constant layers (low-k) that mitigate the increase in propagation delay and power consumption. Several candidate low-k materials based on porous silicates have been proposed. Whereas porosity is beneficial for lowering the dielectric constant, it(More)
Spin-on zeolite films deposited from Silicalite-1 nanocrystal suspensions prepared by hydrothermal treatment of clear solutions have the required properties for insulating media in microelectronics. However, on the scale of the feature sizes in on-chip interconnects of a few tens of nanometers, their homogeneity is still insufficient. We discovered a way to(More)
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