Salvador Domínguez Quijada

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In this paper a new system for the 2D localisation of moving objects and mobile robots is presented. A rotating laser on board the moving object sweeps the surrounding space, reaching a set of known-position beacons. Each time the light reaches a beacon, it emits a radiofrecuency identity code. The corresponding (known) beacon position, along with the(More)
This paper considers the perpendicular parking problem of car-like vehicles for both forward and reverse maneuvers. A sensor based controller with a weighted control scheme is proposed and is compared with a state of the art path planning approach. The perception problem is threated as well considering a Velodyne VLP-16 as the sensor providing the required(More)
In this paper a new beacon localisation system for mobile robots in indoor environments is presented. Laser and radiofrequency technologies are combined in order to determine robot's position and orientation by means of a triangulation algorithm. The system allows the identification of the different beacons, which provides the robot's absolute position(More)
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