Salvador Barrera

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Presently, most virtual reality systems use upper body parts to interact with objects in the virtual environment. This situation is caused by technological limitations of current interface devices. Starting from this viewpoint we developed a new interface for detecting ankle motions relative to the knee. We believe that hands-free navigation, unlike the(More)
Presently Technological limitations on current interfaces have made researchers to develop new devices to interact with objects in the virtual environment. The goal of this project is to develop and build a hands-free navigation system to be integrated into virtual environments. One of the most important fields in virtual realty (VR) research, is the(More)
" Remote Context Monitoring of Actions and Behavior in a Location Through the Usage of a 3D Visualization in Real-time " is a software application designed to read large amounts of data from a database and use that data to recreate the context that events occurred to improve understanding of the data.
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