Salvador B. López Mármol

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This paper makes use of the continuous eccentricity transform to perform 3D shape matching. The eccentricity transform has already been proved useful in a discrete graph-theoretic setting and has been applied to 2D shape matching. We show how these ideas extend to higher dimensions. The eccentricity transform is used to compute descriptors for 3D shapes.(More)
A framework for mapping a polar-like coordinate system to a non-rigid shape is presented. Using a graph pyramid, a binary shape is decomposed into connected parts, based on its structure as captured by the eccentricity transform. The decomposition is used to derive domains for the angular like coordinate. A closest point search is employed to find point(More)
Tracking of spatially extended targets with variable shape, pose and appearance is a highly challenging task. In this work we propose a novel tracking approach using an incrementally generated part-based description to obtain a specific representation of target structure. The hierarchical part-based representation is learned in a generative manner from a(More)
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