Salvador Arias

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Echinocereus sección Triglochidiati ha sido aceptada en los más recientes tratamientos taxonómicos del género, sin embargo el número de especies que incluye ha variado entre una y 14. El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo delimitar el número de especies de la sección Triglochidiati para México a través de análisis multivariados, así como identificar los(More)
The endemic plant species with extremely narrow geographical range (<100 km 2) often have few populations of small size and tend to be more vulnerable to extinction by genetic drift and inbreeding effects. For these species, we tested if intraspecific genetic diversity can be applied to identify conservation priorities. The biological model was Mammillaria(More)
The morphology and anatomy of the Backebergia militaris cephalium is characterized in comparison with its vegetative branch and with apical and lateral cephalia of other species. Our working hypothesis was that the B. militaris cephalium is more similar to the apical or lateral cephalia of other taxa than to its own vegetative branch. Our results revealed(More)
The journal Cactáceas y Suculentas Mexicanas is a publication of the Mexican Society of Cactology, published since 1955. The articles are under the Creative Commons license. The journal Cactáceas y Suculentas Mexicanas is registered in the following indices: cab Abstracts, Periodica and Latindex. El costo de suscripción a la revista es de $400.00 para(More)
(2006) A sensitivity analysis for choosing reliability functions to select cladograms. Zoologica scripta, 00, 000-000. Different methods to select among reliability functions used in cladistics (linear parsimony and implied weights) are proposed and explored under a sensitivity analysis framework. The proposed methods are character, taxon and mixed(More)
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