Salvador Antonio Arias Santiago

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BACKGROUND The exponential rise in the incidence of cutaneous cancers underscores the need to promote primary prevention. Adolescents are highly familiar with the use of Internet, and new technologies and Internet systems have proven especially useful to educate this age group in other health problems. To date, there have been no reports of Internet-based(More)
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common non-melanoma skin cancer. The incidence of this entity increases with age, peaking at the age of 70 years. This study included 97 patients aged more than 65 years old, with a diagnosis of BCC. These patients were treated with imiquimod applied three times weekly for 6 weeks. Clinical remission was 67% after 10(More)
Psoriasis and bullous pemphigoid represent two clinically well-characterized, chronic, inflammatory skin conditions. The concomitant occurrence of these two entities in a patient is rare. We report a 62-year-old male with personal history of psoriasis vulgaris who developed disseminated bullous pemphigoid associated with psoriatic erythroderma. Skin(More)
Varón de 64 años de edad, sano, que consultó por erupción pruriginosa en el tronco de 2 dı́as de evolución. Como antecedente relevante comentó que 2 dı́as antes al inicio de las lesiones habı́a cenado en un restaurante japonés en el cual ingirió una sopa de hongos. En la exploración presentaba placas eritematosas de disposición lineal (fig. 1), de(More)
Mujer de 26 años de edad que consultó por lesiones perinasales desde los 4 años de edad, que habı́an crecido y ocasionalmente sangraban. No presentaba sintomatologı́a neurológica, ocular, dental, cardiológica ni renal. El examen fı́sico mostró pápulas y tumores pediculados color piel en la región facial (fig. 1a), 2 manchas hipopigmentadas de 1 cm de(More)
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