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Content based image retrieval (CBIR) systems are used for automatic indexing, searching, retrieving and browsing of image databases. Color is one of the important features used in CBIR systems. An experimental comparison of a number of different color descriptors for content-based image retrieval is presented in this paper. Color histograms, color moments(More)
The Object-Oriented paradigm approaches the software development by representing real world entities into classes of software objects. Interactions between classes can be captured by patterns. A pattern language is a collection of patterns composed to solve a complex design problem. This paper presents a collection of object-oriented design patterns(More)
Tracking of sports motion is a challenging task. This paper presents a comparison of different template matching methods that can be used in such motion tracking applications. Six methods were tested with dynamic and still background conditions. Their performance is analyzed using different video sequences obtained by considering sports such as table(More)
Many computer science practitioners and software developers believes that the complexity of a program could be controlled more effectively by using object-oriented programming concepts. In addition to controlling complexity, the object-oriented approach allows faster development, reduction in costs, higher quality, easier maintenance, increased scalability,(More)
Web intelligence can be considered as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It uses existing data in web to produce new data, knowledge and wisdom to support decision making and new predictions for web users. Artificial Intelligence is ever changing and evolving field of computer science and it is extensively used in wide array of web based business(More)
Controlling the complexity of software applications is an essential part of the software development process as it directly affects maintenance activities such as reusability, understandability, modifiability and testability. However, as stated by Tom DeMarco “You cannot control what you cannot measure”. Thus, over the years many complexity(More)
Car detection is a challenging research area where the appearance has various changes due to different models, poses, scales, lighting conditions, background, occlusion and various image sizes. Amidst these external challenging factors, car side-views have obvious and consistent characteristics in their structure such as wheels, oblique windows and bumpers,(More)
In object-oriented software modeling using the Unified Modeling Language, different aspects of a system are represented by various types of diagrams. UML diagrams represent two different views of a system model. They are static and dynamic views. In this paper we study the dynamic view of Class Diagrams and static view of Sequence Diagrams for checking(More)
Web technology is one of the key areas in information and communication technology to be used as a powerful tool in ensuring food security which is one of the main issues in Sri Lanka. Web technology involves in communicating and sharing resources in network of computers all over the world. Main focus of food security is to ensure that all people have fair(More)