Saluka R. Kodituwakku

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Content based image retrieval (CBIR) systems are used for automatic indexing, searching, retrieving and browsing of image databases. Color is one of the important features used in CBIR systems. An experimental comparison of a number of different color descriptors for content-based image retrieval is presented in this paper. Color histograms, color moments(More)
The Object-Oriented paradigm approaches the software development by representing real world entities into classes of software objects. Interactions between classes can be captured by patterns. A pattern language is a collection of patterns composed to solve a complex design problem. This paper presents a collection of object-oriented design patterns(More)
-This paper presents an algorithm for efficient detection of the nearest police station for a specific position(coordinates). The algorithm is based on Geographic Information System (GIS), Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS) and the J48 classification algorithm. In other words, the proposed algorithm is an effective integration of these three. The salient(More)
We investigate the problem arising in allocating master and workers in the Master-Worker Paradigm. Although various methods have been proposed for Master-Worker allocation, optimal allocation is yet to be achieved. This paper proposes an extension to the generic Master-Worker architecture for achieving optimal allocation of masters and workers. The(More)
In nature of the transmission medium the broadcast, Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable to security attacks. The nodes are placed in a hostile or dangerous environment where they are not tangibly safe in the MANETs. In many application, the data obtained from the sensing nodes need a false, or malicious node could intercept private information or could(More)
Web technology is one of the key areas in information and communication technology to be used as a powerful tool in ensuring food security which is one of the main issues in Sri Lanka. Web technology involves in communicating and sharing resources in network of computers all over the world. Main focus of food security is to ensure that all people have fair(More)
40BAbstract: Disease Intelligence (DI) is based on the acquisition and aggregation of fragmented knowledge of diseases at multiple sources all over the world to provide valuable information to doctors, researchers and information seeking community. Some diseases have their own characteristics changed rapidly at different places of the world and are reported(More)