Salsabeel Y. Shapsough

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Cyber security in smart grid systems is becoming a major concern throughout the grid communication networks and software platforms that operate and manage the entire grid. The smart grid networks characteristics such as heterogeneity, delay constraints, bandwidth, scalability, and others make it challenging to deploy uniform security approaches all over the(More)
"Smart Education" is one key application domain for IoT. However, more often than not, the term smart education is used as a synonym for use of conventional e-learning systems like MOOCs, etc. IoT's potential, however, goes far beyond the capabilities of current systems. IoT offers innovative ways of processing and collecting sensor data from(More)
Classroom observation is an important tool for improving quality of education. Observations allow teacher trainers to monitor, assess, and provide feedback to teachers about their teaching techniques and class management practices. The current approach to class observation consists of an observer visiting a classroom once or twice a year. This is both(More)
Multi-pulse pulse position modulation (MPPM) aims to improve the receiver bandwidth efficiency with respect to M-ary PPM. It is regarded as an attractive modulation scheme that can be utilized in both optical fibers and free-space optical (FSO) communication systems. In this paper, the error performance of MPPM optical communication systems over an ideal(More)
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