Saloua Rhioui

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—This paper deals with the problem of source separation in the case when the observations result from a multiple-input multiple-output convolutive mixing system. In a blind framework, higher order contrast functions have been proved to be efficient for extracting sources. Inspired by a semiblind approach, we propose new contrast functions for blind signal(More)
— In this communication, we propose a new method to blindly identify the mixing matrix of a possibly under-determined mixture of sources when input signals are cyclo-stationary with unknown cyclic frequencies. It relies upon a particular linear operator applied to the observations correlation matrix. Then, taking advantage of the properties of the above(More)
— This article addresses the problem of the blind identification of the mixing matrix in the case of a possibly under-determined instantaneous linear mixture of sources. The considered input signals are cyclo-stationary processes with unknown cyclic frequencies. We propose a new method consisting of the application of a particular linear operator on the(More)
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