Saloney Nazeer

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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of cervical cancer and its precursors in a rural population in Cameroon and to evaluate the feasibility of a cytology-based screening program in such areas. STUDY DESIGN A prospective study was conducted in the rural town of Bafang. Following an advocacy campaign, 750 women were recruited. After a clinical(More)
Colposcopy is a widely used diagnostic procedure, primarily in the assessment of women with abnormal cervical cytology. It is used by appropriately trained individuals using techniques that allow a full assessment of the abnormality and plan for further investigation or treatment. Certain key features are specifically looked for, and a colposcopic(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a low-cost Papanicolaou staining procedure that can be applied to conventional and monolayer gynecologic preparations. STUDY DESIGN The amount of alcohol consumed in the procedure, which normally accounts for > 80% of the cost of processing, was reduced drastically by (1) using only 1 modified cytoplasmic counterstain (EA type),(More)
We have developed a Europe-wide consensus statement on "HPV Vaccination and Colposcopy" under the aegis of the European Federation for Colposcopy. We look at the historical perspective, the currently available vaccines, cervical vaccination programs, future perspectives, and the impact all this will have on cervical cancer screening and colposcopy services.
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