Salomone Di Saverio

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Background Pure mucinous breast carcinoma (PMBC) is a rare histologic type of mammary neoplasm. It has been associated with a better short-term prognosis than infiltrating ductal carcinoma (IDC) but identical long-term survival curves have been reported. The value of tumor size for TNM staging has been challenged because of the mucin content of the lesions.(More)
Despite advances in diagnosis, surgery, and antimicrobial therapy, mortality rates associated with complicated intra-abdominal infections remain exceedingly high. The 2013 update of the World Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES) guidelines for the management of intra-abdominal infections contains evidence-based recommendations for management of patients with(More)
Background: Obstructive left colon carcinoma (OLCC) is a challenging matter in terms of obstruction release as well of oncological issues. Several options are available and no guidelines are established. The paper aims to generate evidenced based recommendations on management of OLCC. Methods: The PubMed and Cochrane Library databases were queried for(More)
Complicated hernias often involve contaminating surgical procedures in which the use of polypropylene meshes can be hazardous. Prostheses made of porcine dermal collagen (PDC) have recently been proposed as a means to offset the disadvantages of polypropylene meshes and have since been used in humans for hernia repairs. The aim of our study was to evaluate(More)
Patients with adhesive small intestine obstruction (ASIO) are difficult to evaluate and to manage and their treatment is still controversial. The diagnostic and therapeutic role of water-soluble contrast medium (Gastrografin) in ASIO is still debated. This study was designed to determine the therapeutic role of Gastrografin in patients with ASIO. The study(More)
The CIAOW study (Complicated intra-abdominal infections worldwide observational study) is a multicenter observational study underwent in 68 medical institutions worldwide during a six-month study period (October 2012-March 2013). The study included patients older than 18 years undergoing surgery or interventional drainage to address complicated(More)
Inguinal hernioplasty could be used as an indicator of the surgical quality offered in different health institutions and countries, thereby establishing a scientific basis from which the procedure can be critically assessed and ultimately improved. Quality assessment of hernioplasties could be conducted using two different methods: either analyzing(More)
The Van Nuys Prognostic Index (VNPI) is a simple score for predicting the risk of local recurrence (LR) in patients with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) conservatively treated. This score combines three independent predictors of Local Recurrence. The VNPI has recently been updated with the addition of age as a fourth parameter into the scoring system(More)
Adhesive small bowel obstruction (ASBO) is an important cause of hospital admission, is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, and therefore is a substantial burden for healthcare systems worldwide. Icodextrin 4% solution (Adept, Shire Pharmaceuticals, UK) is a high-molecular-weight a-1,4 glucose polymer approved in Europe for use as(More)
The Damage Control Surgery (DCS) approach to massive intraperitoneal hemorrhage has been shown to significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality in severely injured trauma patients. We applied the same principles to patients who developed a massive hemorrhage and the “lethal triad” (acidosis, hypothermia, coagulopathy) during a surgical procedure in order(More)