Salomon J. Janhunen

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Direct measurements of micro-, meso-, and macroscale transport phenomena in the FT-2 tokamak are shown to be quantitatively reproduced by global full f nonlinear gyrokinetic simulation predictions. A detailed agreement with mean equilibrium E×B flows, oscillating fine-scale zonal flows, and turbulence spectra observed by a set of sophisticated microwave(More)
Gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulation on a transport and microinstability time scale is performed with the ELMFIRE code for a small tokamak FT-2 with kinetic electrons. Turbulent modes are characterized based on their poloidal phase velocity, and tentative comparison with the Doppler reflectometric measurement is done for the poloidal mode rotation.(More)
Predictive transport simulations of tokamak discharges are continuously improving thanks to increasing computational resources available and to the efforts made in code development. As an example of the progress, a recent work [1] with the Elmfire code demonstrates the ability of global gyrokinetic full f electrostatic particle simulations, including both(More)
Introduction: The electromagnetic gyrokinetic (GK) plasma simulation [1] for toroidal magnetic fusion devices has become a standard tool for turbulence analysis. Recently, it has been recognized that transport involving dynamic changes in profiles requires modelling with full f GK methods [2]. In the present work, we report on transport simulations for the(More)
The direct implicit method with a second-order implicit integration scheme is formulated for and applied to the electron parallel nonlinearity in global electrostatic gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations of toroidal fusion plasmas. The method shows improved numerical accuracy and stability properties compared to the direct implicit method with a(More)
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