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Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are an established means of reducing the gap between problem and solution domains. DSLs increase productivity and improve quality as they can be tailored to exactly fit the needs of the problem to be solved. A DSL can have multiple notations including textual and graphical notations. In some cases, one of these notations for(More)
Traceability is an important concern for numerous software engineering activities. Establishing traceability links is a challenging and cost-intensive task, which is uneconomical without suitable strategies for maintaining high link quality. Current approaches to Traceability Management (TM), however, often make important assumptions and choices without(More)
Development of embedded software in the automotive domain is a complex task involving the combination of multi-discipline and safety critical requirements. In such an environment, traceability to and from related software development artifacts is demanded by safety standards. It is also needed to facilitate activities such as impact analysis and software(More)
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