Salomé Schulze

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Alpha-mannosidosis (alpha-mannosidosis) is a lysosomal storage disease characterized by accumulation of oligosaccharides in various tissues leading to symptoms such as coarse facial features, dysostosis multiplex, hearing disabilities, mental developmental delay and skeletal involvement (dysostosis multiplex). Without treatment, the severe infantile onset(More)
The new photometric lipase determinations use diacylglycerols as substrates in a micellar solution, whereas the turbidimetric method is based on emulsified triacylglycerols degradation. Extrahepatic lipoprotein lipase, which is well known to be liberated by heparin from the capillar binding sites, may cleave triacylglycerols as well as diacylglycerols. When(More)
Reference values for 26 plasma amino acids were determined by ion exchange chromatography in 29 healthy pregnant women (1st to 3rd trimenon). The results are given as P50 (P7-P93). In the course of pregnancy the concentrations of amino acids generally decrease. Threonine, however, shows a distinct, statistically significant increase. The interindividual(More)
Automated leucocyte counts in newborns generated by the impedance principle are artificially affected by the high osmotic resistance of some newborn RBC and possibly by the high normoblast numbers present during the neonatal period. Erroneously high WBC counts may result. The haematology analyser CELL-DYN 3500 (Abbott Diagnostika GmbH, Wiesbaden-Delkenheim,(More)
The Abbott Cell Dyn 4000 (CD4000) is the first haematology analyser in which fully-automated reticulocyte measurements can be routinely determined by fluorescence as part of the full blood count. This communication reports the first evaluation of this method which was undertaken by three independent reference laboratories in Belgium, Germany and Italy. A(More)
The aim of this article is to show how reflexology could facilitate phenomenological interviewing by probing the life-world of individual participants. It presents a hybrid study of phenomenological interviewing and reflexology as a holistic method of health care. In this sense, it is an interparadigmatic study, since it rests on the interface of Western(More)
It is known from epidemiological studies, that high apolipoprotein B or low HDL-2 concentrations in serum are correlated with an increased risk for premature cardiovascular diseases. It was the aim of this study to generate reference values for apolipoproteins and HDL-cholesterol fractions to accomplish early diagnosis and therapy. All concentrations are(More)
The research aimed to investigate the phenomena of adolescent depressive symptomology, substance abuse and the relationship between the two phenomena in a South African context. The influence of moderator variables was also examined. Another objective was to determine risk factors for the before mentioned. This was done by using a questionnaire with a(More)
Supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumors (stPNETs) are malignant tumors. We saw within three years six children with stPNETs. In four of the six children radical resection could be achieved. All had craniospinal irradiation and chemotherapy according to the HIT-91 protocol. The two children with incomplete resection died due to tumor progression(More)
The literature on adolescent development refers to the adolescent's need to be connected to others in a meaningful way. However, research on adolescent connectedness in the South African context is limited, particularly with regard to gender influences. This exploratory, descriptive research project therefore aimed at investigating gender differences in the(More)