Salomé Döll

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Biofeedback training and muscular relaxation have therapeutic value for general reduction of tension in non-patient and patient populations. The present study investigated the efficacy of thermal biofeedback and relaxation as adjunctive treatments to antipsychotic medication for reduction of anxiety in 40 hospitalized schizophrenics who were randomly(More)
This study investigated the hypothesis that overweight college students and normal weight "restrained" students, particularly those susceptible to stress related overeating and binge episodes, have a restricted range of pleasurable activities available for positive reinforcement of behaviors other than eating. The major finding was that overweight students(More)
Aging is traditionally associated with cognitive decline, attested by slower reaction times and poorer performance in various cognitive tasks, but also by an increase in intraindividual variability (IIV) in cognitive performance. Results concerning how lifestyle activities protect from cognitive decline are mixed in the literature and all focused on how it(More)
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