Salomão Rocha

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Objectives: This paper describes a technique to produce individualized X-ray positioning devices for intraoral digital imaging of dental implants with long-term stability. Materials and Methods: An X-ray positioning device was built for Gendex Visualix eHD sensor, using the Dentsply rinn XCP-DS system individualized by the incorporation of the bite piece(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this ongoing randomized study was to assess differences in bone level changes and success rates using implants supporting single crowns in the posterior mandible either with platform matched or platform switched abutments. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients aged 18 and above, missing at least two teeth in the posterior mandible and(More)
Stevia rebaudiana, a South American plant normally used as a natural herbal sweetener, has been suggested as exerting beneficial effects on human health, including as an antihypertensive and antihyperglycemic. The present experiment was undertaken to evaluate the renal excretion of steviol, the aglycone of several natural products extracted from the leaves(More)
The length of the four right antennal segments from nymphs and adults of Panstrongylus megistus Burmeister, Rhodnius neglectus Lent, Rhodnius prolixus Stal and Triatoma vitticeps Stal were measured. The length of the antennal segments of the adults of all four species, 4th and 5th instars of P. megistus, and 5th instar of R. neglectus and R. prolixus(More)
BACKGROUND Implant-abutment assembly stability is critical for the success of implant-supported rehabilitation. The intentional removal of the prosthetic components may hamper the achievement of the essential stability due to preload reduction in the screw joint and implant-screw mating surface changes. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of intentional(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of differences in the clinical performance and crestal bone levels between implants restored with single crowns with platform-matched or platform-switched abutments after 3 years. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study enrolled adult patients missing two or more adjacent teeth in the posterior mandible with natural teeth mesial to the implant(More)
Purpose   Medical imaging and in particular digital radiographic images offer a great deal of information to dentists in the clinical diagnosis and treatment processes on a daily basis. This paper presents a new method aimed to produce an accurate segmentation of dental implants and the crestal bone line in radiographic images. With this, it is possible(More)
OBJECTIVE Long-term success of dental implants depends on healthy peri-implant soft tissues and adequate bone levels. This prospective study aims to assess bone level changes around implants with internal conical connection and platform-switching abutments in the posterior mandible. MATERIAL AND METHODS Adult patients missing at least two teeth in the(More)
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