Salman Nazir

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Situation awareness (SA) is commonly described as the challenges encountered by an operator and it appears during the course of interaction with either the process itself or a human machine interface. Application and significance of SA is well established in different production sectors such as aviation, armed forces, and air traffic. The importance and(More)
Organizational agility, defined as the ability of organizations to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats with speed and surprise, is quickly becoming the hallmark of companies that consistently emerge as leaders in hypercompetitive environments. While explaining the role of IT, this paper argues that in order to be agile firms must be(More)
Decision-making has been a subject actively investigated in several areas of knowledge such as Philosophy, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, among others. This paper explores the potential opportunities offered by two methodologies to assess the team decision-making at the end of a simulated exercise (training). We present a case study showing how to(More)
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