Salman Ghafoor

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— The achievable throughput of the entire cellular area is investigated, when employing fractional frequency reuse techniques in conjunction with realistically modelled imperfect optical fibre aided distributed antenna systems (DAS) operating in a multicell multiuser scenario. Given a fixed total transmit power, a substantial improvement of the cell-edge(More)
—A Baseband Radio Over Fiber (BROF) architecture is proposed, where upto four Radio Frequency (RF) carriers can be generated, while using the heterodyne photo-detection of only two optical signals. This proposed BROF architecture has a star-like structure and it is composed of six Radio Access Units (RAUs), where data is transmitted from the Central Unit(More)
—A duplex Radio Over Fibre (ROF) ring architecture is proposed taking into account the constraints imposed by the cost of fibre laying and of the optical/electronic components, as well as the spectral efficiency and the duplex link performance. Index Terms—Radio over fibre (ROF), optical carrier reuse (OCR), code division multiplexing (CDM), distributed(More)
— Multiple side-bands are generated from a single laser diode with the aid of optical carrier suppression, which facilitates the transmission of reduced-rate parallel streams mapped to the side-bands. As a benefit, all the optical signal processing tasks, including demultiplexing of a high-rate signal into multiple low-rate signals can be performed at the(More)
A self-phase modulation-based duplex baseband radio over fiber architecture is proposed, where data are transmitted up to six radio access units (RAUs) in distributed antenna system. Bidirectional full duplex 768 Mbps data transmission has been demonstrated, where data are transmitted from control unit to the base station (BS) and from BS to the RAUs over a(More)
In this paper we numerically investigate the effect of dispersion slope of the highly nonlinear fibre on the performance of Self Phase Modulation based 2R-optical regenerators. Our numerical study shows that the dispersion slope has a significant impact on the shape of the transfer function of the regenerator. The dispersion slope can therefore be used(More)
An ultra-wideband over fiber architecture is proposed where multiple coherent pulsed optical signals are used for transmitting high data rate signals to five different radio access units (RAUs). The RAUs are placed in a star topology to form a broadcast distributive antenna system architecture. The architecture transmits $$5 \times 1.25$$ 5 × 1.25  Gbps(More)
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