Salman Ahmadi

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Automatic extraction of objects from images has been a topic of research for decades. The main aim of these researches is to implement a numerical algorithm in order to extract the planar objects such as buildings from high resolution images and altitudinal data. Active contours or snakes have been extensively utilized for handling image segmentation and(More)
To present a new method for building boundary detection and extraction based on the active contour model, is the main objective of this research. Classical models of this type are associated with several shortcomings; they require extensive initialization, they are sensitive to noise, and adjustment issues often become problematic with complex images. In(More)
Currently path-finding methods, which are widely used in GIS, rely on finding a path, which the sum of pixels’ weights on the path would be less than the other paths. According to dependency between sum of pixels' weights and length of path, decrementing of sum of pixels' weights can not considered as a proper criterion for optimum path finding. In(More)
In recent years, intelligent based approaches have been introduced as one of the best potential methods for solving many problems in control literature. Neural Networks (NN) and Fuzzy Logic are widely used in nonlinear system modeling and identification. These approaches require a high number of model parameters, which impose more complex computation. Using(More)
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