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This paper tests whether upstream R&D cooperation leads to downstream collusion. We consider an oligopolistic setting where firms enter in research joint ventures (RJVs) to lower production costs or coordinate on collusion in the product market. We show that a sufficient condition for identifying collusive behavior is a decline in the market share of(More)
We study a setting with search frictions in the marriage market and with incomplete contracting inside the family. Everyone prefers a partner that has high income and is a perfect emotional match, but compromises must often be struck. A high income earner may abstain from marrying a low-income earner even though they would be a perfect match emotionally,(More)
Transmission and scanning electron microscopy were used to investigate the ultrastructure of spermatogenesis of the Sparid fish Rhabdosargus sarba. The testis is lobular in shape and spermatogensis is of unrestricted type. Spermatogonia occur isolated or in clusters within the seminiferous lobules. The germ cells are found in cysts formed by sertoli cell(More)
The aim of this study was to determine seasonal differences in the temperature dependence of neuromuscular parameters of the dactylopodite walking leg closer muscle in two species of freshly caught summer and winter decapod crabs. The relatively stenothermal Cancer pagurus (Cp) and eurythermal Carcinus maenas (Cm) muscle resting potential (RP)(More)
We find experimental evidence that the decision problem of tax compliance changes if subjects’ declarations are not randomly assessed, but is based on their appearance as captured by pictures of their faces, even if the aggregate audit probability does not change. Some subjects may fear that their picture looks rather dubious whereas others may believe that(More)
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