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Possibilistic networks and possibilistic logic bases are important tools to deal with uncertain pieces of information. Both of them offer a compact representation of possibility distributions. This paper studies a new representation format, called hybrid possibilis-tic networks, which cover both standard possibilis-tic networks and possibilistic knowledge(More)
Possibilistic networks are important tools for dealing with uncertain pieces of information. For multiply-connected networks, it is well known that the inference process is a hard problem. This paper studies a new representation of possibilistic networks, called hybrid pos-sibilistic networks. The uncertainty is no longer represented by local conditional(More)
This paper contains two important contributions for the development of possibilistic causal networks. The first one concerns the representation of interventions in pos-sibilistic networks. We provide the counterpart of the " DO " operator, recently introduced by Pearl, in possibility theory framework. We then show that interventions can equivalently be(More)
Ascribing causality amounts to determining what elements in a sequence of reported facts can be related in a causal way, on the basis of some knowledge about the course of the world. The paper offers a comparison of a large span of formal models (based on structural equations, non-monotonic consequence relations, trajectory preference relations,(More)
Actes Ces journées sont la principale animation du thème Intelligence Artificielle Fondamentale (thème 1) du GDR Information-Interaction-Intelligence. Ces journées ont été organisées dans le cadre de la plate-forme AFIA 2007. Les journées étaient composées d'exposés de synthèse et de contributions sélectionnées. Ce document rassemble l'ensemble des(More)
Ce article présente deux principales contributions pour le développe-ment des réseaux causaux possibilistes. La première concerne la représentation des interventions dans les réseaux possibilistes. Nous proposons une contrepartie de l'opérateur "DO", récemment introduit par Pearl, dans le cadre possibiliste. Nous montrons par la suite que les interventions(More)
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