Salma Noormohamed

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Magnetization transfer ratio (MTR), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) parameters and T(1) relaxometry values were used to create parametric maps characterizing the tissue microstructure of the neonatal brain in infants born very premature (24-32 gestational weeks) and scanned at preterm and term equivalent age. Group-wise image registration was used to(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To characterize the concentration-time profiles of zidovudine and zidovudine-glucuronide in semen and serum of men infected with the human immunodeficiency-1 virus (HIV-1). DESIGN Open-label observational study. SETTING University-affiliated teaching hospital and research center. PATIENTS Four asymptomatic HIV-1-infected men. (More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the possibility of a drug interaction with zidovudine and histamine2-receptor antagonists in individuals infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. DESIGN Randomized crossover study. SETTING University-affiliated research center. PATIENTS Six HIV-infected individuals. INTERVENTIONS The subjects received 7-day(More)
Although patients in renal failure frequently take several drugs on a long-term basis, drug-induced alterations in alfentanil metabolism have not been examined as a possible source of variability in alfentanil clearance in this population. We compared the pharmacokinetics of alfentanil during renal transplantation in seven patients receiving and six not(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the predictive ability of six published creatinine clearance (CCr) equations in healthy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected individuals. A 24-h urine collection to determine CCr was done on an out-patient basis in 18 subjects. Predicted CCr was compared with the measured values, and the predictive(More)
There are several clinical scenarios in which knowledge of zidovudine disposition may be important. This study evaluated the clinical utility of pharmacokinetic parameters for zidovudine derived from sparse serum concentration data obtained in an outpatient setting. Twelve human immunodeficiency virus-infected participants had two serum zidovudine(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine alcohol and drug use and sexual activity among pharmacy students at three colleges of pharmacy. DESIGN AND SETTING A survey to obtain self-reported information on alcohol and drug use, and sexual activity was administered to professional pharmacy students at the University of Iowa (UI), Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and Texas(More)
Recombinant erythropoietin (Epogen, Amgen Pharmaceuticals; Procrit, Amgen Pharmaceuticals, distributed by Ortho Biotech) is approved for use in anemia associated with HIV infection and treatment. The recommended starting dose is 100 IU/kg iv or sc 3 times per week. Current evidence suggests that anemia in zidovudine-treated patients may be a result of(More)