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We study the relationship between the pricing and advertising decisions in a channel where a national brand is competing with a private label. We consider a differential game that incorporates the carryover effects of brand advertising over time for both the manufacturer and the retailer and we account for the complementary and competitive roles of(More)
Vascular complications of lumbar disc surgery are rare. Few cases have been reported. Arteriovenous fistulas are the most common. They are due to anatomical relationships between the last lumbar vertebrae, the corresponding discs, and the iliac vessels; degenerative lesions of the intervertebral discs facilitate instrumental vessel perforation, and(More)
Stickler syndrome, also called hereditary arthro-ophthalmopathy is a dominant disorder, with poly-epiphyseal dysplasia resulting in early osteoarthritis. It usually includes bilateral myopia, that changes little during the follow up period, but can lead to retinal detachment. Children with Stickler syndrome can show facial dysmorphism that may improve with(More)
Les textes publiés dans la série des rapports de recherche HEC n'engagent que la responsabilité de leurs auteurs. La publication de ces rapports de recherche bénéficie d'une subvention du Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies. Abstract We study whether the introduction of a private label could be profitable for retailers and(More)
We explore the implications of heterogeneous consumer response to advertising for distribution channel firms. We solve a game theoretic model using a consumer-based utility model for a decentralized and a coordinated channel. We show that heterogeneity considerably affects the value of channel coordination. Introduction Advertising spending represents a(More)
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