Salma Karray

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A 54-year-old man was seen with a fracture of the left femur. Plain radiographs revealed a 40-mm lytic centromedullary lesion. Magnetic resonance T1- and T2-weighted sequences showed high and low signals. After stabilization of the fracture, the tumor was removed followed by reconstruction with a vascularized fibula. The pathological examination(More)
We report the management of two children and 11 adults with paraplegia secondary to vertebral hydatidosis. Destruction of pedicles, posterior vertebral elements and discs as well as the vertebral bodies was common and all six patients with thoracic disease had involvement of adjacent ribs. The 13 patients had a total of 42 major surgical procedures; two(More)
An exceptional case of vertebral hydatidosis with involvement of the cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral segments of the spine is presented. Vertebral hydatidosis is a rare form of hydatid disease. It is found in less than 2% of all cases in echinococcosis. The initial parasite localization is usually univertebral. Extensive primary lesions were related to(More)
INTRODUCTION Knee arthrodesis is one of the reconstruction options for limb preservation after malignant tumor resection. Vascularised rotatory fibular transfer allows biological and, thus,definitive reconstruction. The goal of this work was to analyse the results of knee arthrodesis with vascularised fibular graft after tumor resection and to discuss the(More)
The purpose of the study was to clarify the clinico pathological features of periosteal ganglion. The authors present a case of an unusual diaphyseal bony tumor in a 27 years old man. The diagnosis of diaphyseal periosteal ganglion cyst was made on roentgenographic appearance, presence of mucoid material and histologic evidence of a synovial type cellular(More)
We propose a model of retail promotions for competitive distribution channels and investigate whether cooperative advertising programs are profitable for such channels. While previous studies showed that coop programs increase total channel profits in bilateral monopolies, no evidence of such a result has been provided for channels where competition is(More)
We study the relationship between the pricing and advertising decisions in a channel where a national brand is competing with a private label. We consider a differential game that incorporates the carryover effects of brand advertising over time for both the manufacturer and the retailer and we account for the complementary and competitive roles of(More)
The distal end of the radius is one of the sites commonly affected by giant-cell tumor of bone; it poses problems of reconstruction after resection of the distal radius. The authors present a retrospective study of 5 giant cells tumors treated by resection-arthrodesis of the wrist. These tumors were seen in 3 men and 2 women. From the radiological point of(More)