Salma Elabd

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In this paper, we present an analytical model for predicting the tuning range of CMOS mm-wave LC voltagecontrolled oscillators (LC-VCOs). A detailed analysis of the frequency dependent quality factor (Q) of the LC-tank is performed to characterize the tank loss. The frequency dependent Q is used to size the transconductance (gm) of the cross-coupled pair to(More)
Negative capacitance (NC) circuits of single-ended and differential topologies are presented, analyzed and characterized. The novel NC designs extend the bandwidth of conventional NC circuits while maintaining low power consumption. To compare the performance of the designs, a figure of merit (FOM) is proposed. A power and area efficient NC scheme employing(More)
An ultra wideband LC voltage-controlled oscillator (LC-VCO) operating in the Ka-band with equally spaced sub-band coarse tuning characteristics is proposed and characterized. A tunable negative capacitance (TNC) circuit technique is used to cancel the fixed capacitance in the LC-tank to extend the tuning range (TR). A digitally-switched varactor coarse(More)
The impact of CMOS technology scaling, on the tuning range and phase noise performance of mm-wave LC voltage controlled oscillators (LC-VCOs) is presented. As a preliminary step, the fundamental LC-VCO elements (i) tank inductor, (ii) fixed and variable capacitor elements, and (iii) cross-coupled transistor pair are analytically modeled across the frequency(More)
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