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OBJECTIVE Testicular differentiation can occur in the absence of the Y chromosome giving XX sex-reversed males. Although Y chromosomal sequences can be detected in the majority of male subjects with a 46,XX karyotype, several studies have shown that approximately 10% of patients lack Y material including the SRY gene. The aim of this study was to see if the(More)
Primary aortic tumours are very rare. To our knowledge, only 120 cases had been reported in the world literature. Their clinical presentation is not specific. They are usually diagnosed at aortic surgery or by post-mortem examination. Intimal sarcoma is the most frequent histological type. We report a case of intimal sarcoma of the thoracic aorta diagnosed(More)
Plant secondary growth derives from the meristematic activity of the vascular cambium. In Arabidopsis thaliana, cell divisions in the cambium are regulated by the transcription factor WOX4, a key target of the CLAVATA3 (CLV3)/EMBRYO SURROUNDING REGION (ESR)-RELATED 41 (CLE41) signaling pathway. However, function of the WOX4-like genes in plants that are(More)
BACKGROUND Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma (APBG) is a variant of malignant tumour of minor salivary glands usually arising in the palate. AIM Our aim is to discuss morphology, evolution and differential diagnosis of this rare tumour. CASE REPORTS The first case interested a 65-year-old-woman admitted for a two-months-history of a right(More)