Salma Bahreinian

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BACKGROUND Asthma may increase the risk of comorbid depressive disorders in children. Children suffering from asthma or depression are more often overweight. We examined whether depression was more likely in children with atopic and nonatopic asthma, independent of abdominal adiposity. METHODS A cross-sectional analysis was performed on data collected in(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To identify and discuss recent studies relating prenatal and early-life environmental exposures to the development of asthma and allergic disease. RECENT FINDINGS New studies show that prenatal and early-life stress can alter infant immune profiles, increasing risk for asthma and allergy. Mounting evidence implicates indoor and outdoor(More)
There is a growing body of evidence attesting to links between early life exposure to stress and childhood asthma. However, available evidence is largely based on small, genetically high risk samples. The aim of this study was to explore the associations between the course of maternal depressive symptoms across early childhood and childhood asthma in a(More)
RATIONALE Allostatic load (AL), a novel measure of the physiologically dysregulated response of the body to stress, represents a biomarker of chronic stress exposure. OBJECTIVES To determine whether preadolescent children with high AL are more susceptible to asthma as adolescents. METHODS This was a prospective evaluation of children recruited at 7 to(More)
Background In Canada 16.6% of children are affected by asthma [1] which may increase the risk of comorbid depressive disorders in the adolescent years [2,3]. Overweight is more prevalent in children suffering from asthma [4] or depression [5], yet few studies have explored the possible relationships between these three chronic conditions in children. We(More)
Objective/purpose Pediatric asthma has risen over recent decades in developed countries, affecting almost 10% of children. Canada ranks near the top of the list of countries with high rates of asthma and allergic diseases. Predicting which children will develop asthma remains a challenge, but both higher weight and stress may play a role. An association(More)
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