Sally Yeates Sedelow

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In an era when knowledge, if not king, is certainly an equal partner with the methodologies directed toward such eminently desirable goals as computer-based commonsense reasoning and understandingqn-general, large-scale resources such as Roget's ~ self-evidently am necessary to advanced knowledge-based computational systems. In contrast to such efforts as(More)
Referential linkage in extended language strings (multiple-sentence, paragraph, etc.) is of great interest to computer scientists, linguists, and literary scholars concerned with the analysis of discourse. In all three disciplines, semantic relationships are central to approaches to inter-sentential, inter-paragraph, and inter-supraparagraph linkings. This(More)
The complement to decomposition in scientific research is composition. Inhuman language computing, composition is achieved by way of semantic association and the generation of strings of entities. That generation of strings takes place progressively: e.g., strings of symbols (words), strings of strings (sentences), strings of strings of strings(More)
1986. Papers presenting original research on theoretical and applied aspects of lexicology are being sought. The Centre is interested in research on large-text files and, in particular, in the common concerns of those who are studying lexical knowledge bases. Typical but not exclusive topics include: • Computational Lexicology • Lexicography • Syntactic and(More)
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