Sally Troedel

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UNLABELLED The visual analog scale (VAS) is a tool widely used to measure pain, yet controversy surrounds whether the VAS score is ratio or ordinal data. We studied 52 postoperative patients and measured their pain intensity using the VAS. We then asked them to consider different amounts of pain (conceptually twice as much and then half as much) and asked(More)
BACKGROUND Factors influencing quality of recovery in cranial and spinal neurosurgical patients are not known, possibly because of lack of a suitable instrument. Therefore, the authors measured quality of recovery using the QoR-40 score (a 40-item questionnaire on quality of recovery from anesthesia). METHODS With informed consent, 200 patients undergoing(More)
Most neurosurgeons could list the qualities of a good neuroanaesthetic: the patient is well prepared for anaesthesia, the technical aspects of the anaesthetic proceed swiftly and smoothly, operating conditions are good, cerebral haemodynamics are well controlled and the brain is protected against ischaemic and traumatic insults, post-operative complications(More)
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