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BACKGROUND Dissatisfaction with body weight and the use of unhealthy weight reduction practices have been reported among adolescent females. There is a need for methodologically rigorous studies using large representative samples of adolescent females to accurately assess the prevalence of these behaviors and attitudes. METHODS Eight hundred sixty-nine(More)
BACKGROUND Proximity to public open space, such as parks and other green spaces, has considerable health benefits, and people have been shown to be more likely to use such space for physical activity if it is of high quality. This paper describes a new remote-assessment approach that makes use of Google Earth Pro (the free version of this program is Google(More)
BACKGROUND If mammographic screening is to reduce mortality from breast cancer, it is essential that a high proportion of the target population attend for screening. In order to achieve this, effective recruitment strategies are needed. This paper reports two trials of recruitment strategies for mammographic screening involving eight communities in rural(More)
OBJECTIVE Breast cancer is the most common fatal cancer among Australian women. This study aimed to provide an accurate national picture of women's understanding of breast cancer incidence, fatality and risk. METHOD A telephone survey explored the knowledge and perceptions of a sample of 2,935 Australian women in relation to breast cancer incidence,(More)
In this randomized trial patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes were allocated to one of four programs: a minimal instruction program (n = 59), and education program of individual visits (n = 57), an education program incorporating a group education course (n = 66), and a behavioral program (n = 59). Individual and group education programs had higher(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of two strategies--patient education and practitioner recommendation--in encouraging women to attend for mammographic screening. DESIGN The study was a prospective randomised controlled trial. Women aged between 40 and 70 years attending a general practitioner participated in the study. Consenting, eligible women(More)
BACKGROUND Accreditation has become ubiquitous across the international health care landscape. Award of full accreditation status in health care is viewed, as it is in other sectors, as a valid indicator of high quality organisational performance. However, few studies have empirically demonstrated this assertion. The value of accreditation, therefore,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a structured, behavioural change, smoking cessation intervention designed for use within general practice. DESIGN Randomised controlled clinical trial. SETTING General practices in Newcastle, Australia. PATIENTS 311 Patients identified as smokers by a screening question were enrolled in the study. Of these, 101 were assigned to a(More)
This study examined the prevalence and predictors of smoking by pregnant women attending a public antenatal clinic. The prevalence of smoking in this population (n = 2577) was found to be 38.0% (95% CI 36.1-39.9%). A review of previous research investigating variables associated with smoking in pregnancy indicated that only three of 42 studies had used(More)
While primary care has considerable potential as a site for detecting and intervening for alcohol-related problems, few doctors currently identify these problems. The judgments of eight primary care physicians about alcohol-related problems in 371 of their patients were compared with the patients' responses to the Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test(More)