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BACKGROUND Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus is the leading cause of vaccine-preventable encephalitis in Asia. Although the risk for acquiring JE for most travelers to Asia is low, it varies based on the destination, season, trip duration, and activities. METHODS We present case reports of three US adults who were infected with JE virus while traveling or(More)
Charge-exchange recombination spectroscopy, which is generally used to measure low-Z impurities in fusion devices, has been used for measuring Al+11 and Al+13 impurities in the Madison Symmetric Torus reversed field pinch. To obtain the impurity ion temperature, the experimental emission spectrum is fitted with a model which includes fine structure in the(More)
Related Articles Modeling of non-stationary local response on impurity penetration in plasma Phys. Plasmas 19, 042502 (2012) Measurement of plasma current dependent changes in impurity transport and comparison with nonlinear gyrokinetic simulation Phys. Plasmas 19, 056110 (2012) Impurity transport in temperature gradient driven turbulence Phys. Plasmas 19,(More)
An overview of recent results from the MST programme on physics important for the advancement of the reversed field pinch (RFP) as well as for improved understanding of toroidal magnetic confinement more generally is reported. Evidence for the classical confinement of ions in the RFP is provided by analysis of impurity ions and energetic ions created by 1(More)
A new E∥B neutral particle analyzer, which has recently been installed on Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) reversed-field pinch (RFP), has now been calibrated, allowing the measurement of the fast ion density and energy distribution. This diagnostic, dubbed the advanced neutral particle analyzer (ANPA), can simultaneously produce time resolved measurements of(More)
An advanced neutral particle analyzer (ANPA) capable of simultaneously measuring hydrogen and deuterium ions of energies up to 45 keV has recently been developed for use on the Madison Symmetric Torus. The charge-to-mass separation allows for separate analysis of bulk deuterium ions and hydrogen ions injected with a 1 MW, 25 keV neutral beam. Orientation of(More)
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