Sally L Kemp

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The standardization of the NEPSY-A Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment (Korkman, Kirk, & Kemp, 1998) provided an opportunity to study the effects of age across the age range 5 to 12 years. Test scores of 800 children on 20 subtests of NEPSY were analyzed. These measures are based on traditions of neuropsychological assessment and are thought to(More)
Executive functions are thought to be the latest functions to mature. However, this view has not been tested by assessing simultaneously memory, perception of emotions, visuospatial perception, and visuoconstructional skills. NEPSY II norm data from 1000 5- to 16-year-old U.S. children were obtained. Fifteen NEPSY II subtests with no floor or ceiling(More)
OBJECTIVES Performance on neurocognitive tasks develops with age, but it is still unknown whether this performance differs between children from different cultures. We compared cross-sectionally the development of neurocognitive functions in 3- to 15-year-old children from three countries: Finland, Italy, and the United States (N=2745). METHODS Language,(More)
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