Sally L. Hodder

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PERSPECTIVE 967 — and it is particularly irresponsible when the interventions are provided at public expense. On the other hand, we must avoid an innovation policy that cuts off new interventions prematurely. Some interventions that are not cost-effective at first may prove to be so over time and with greater experience in implementing them. It is in(More)
BACKGROUND A limiting antigen avidity enzyme immunoassay (HIV-1 LAg-Avidity assay) was recently developed for cross-sectional HIV incidence estimation. We evaluated the performance of the LAg-Avidity assay alone and in multi-assay algorithms (MAAs) that included other biomarkers. METHODS AND FINDINGS Performance of testing algorithms was evaluated using(More)
BACKGROUND Multi-assay algorithms (MAAs) can be used to estimate HIV incidence in cross-sectional surveys. We compared the performance of two MAAs that use HIV diversity as one of four biomarkers for analysis of HIV incidence. METHODS Both MAAs included two serologic assays (LAg-Avidity assay and BioRad-Avidity assay), HIV viral load, and an HIV diversity(More)
Antiretroviral (ARV) drug use was analyzed in HIV-uninfected women in an observational cohort study conducted in 10 urban and periurban communities in the United States with high rates of poverty and HIV infection. Plasma samples collected in 2009-2010 were tested for the presence of 16 ARV drugs. ARV drugs were detected in samples from 39 (2%) of 1,806(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to understand the multilevel syndemic factors that are concurrently contributing to the HIV epidemic among women living in the US. We specifically examined community, network, dyadic, and individual factors to explain HIV vulnerability within a socioecological framework. METHODS We gathered qualitative data (120 interviews and 31(More)
Jersey Medical School, " Maternal pertussis immunization to reduce deaths and severe disease in young infants: Costs and health consequences. " Co-investigator on a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 2014-2016. PI: Anushua Sinha, MD, New Jersey Medical School, " Maternal immunization to prevent neonatal deaths due to sepsis and meningitis in(More)
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