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The human X chromosome has a unique biology that was shaped by its evolution as the sex chromosome shared by males and females. We have determined 99.3% of the euchromatic sequence of the X chromosome. Our analysis illustrates the autosomal origin of the mammalian sex chromosomes, the stepwise process that led to the progressive loss of recombination(More)
The adipocyte-derived hormone leptin is crucial for energy homeostasis in mammals; mice and humans without it suffer from a voracious appetite and extreme obesity. The effect on energy balance of variations in plasma leptin above a minimal threshold is uncertain, however, particularly in humans. Here we examine a group of individuals who are genetically(More)
Human chromosome 12 contains more than 1,400 coding genes and 487 loci that have been directly implicated in human disease. The q arm of chromosome 12 contains one of the largest blocks of linkage disequilibrium found in the human genome. Here we present the finished sequence of human chromosome 12, which has been finished to high quality and spans(More)
To understand the physical processes that occur in nature we need to obtain a solid concept about the 'fundamental' forces acting between pairs of elementary particles. It is also necessary to describe the temporal and spatial evolution of many mutually interacting particles under the influence of these forces. This latter step, known as the few-body(More)
INTRODUCTION Blunt chest wall trauma accounts for over 15% of all trauma admissions to Emergency Departments worldwide. Reported mortality rates vary between 4 and 60%. Management of this patient group is challenging as a result of the delayed on-set of complications. The aim of this study was to develop and validate a prognostic model that can be used to(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper explores the use of pharmacoeconomic methods of valuation to health impacts resulting from exposure to poor air quality. In using such methods, interventions that reduce exposure to poor air quality can be directly compared, in terms of value for money (or cost-effectiveness), with competing demands for finite resources, including other(More)
The electrical activation characteristics of implanted Be, Mg, Si, and S in Alx Gal _ xAs (x = 0-1) were investigated as a function of ion dose for rapid annealing in the range 600-950"C. The apparent activation energy for electrical activity of these species increases with increasing AlAs mole fraction-for Be, the activation energy is 0.35 eV for GaAs, and(More)
  • Gunn L, D Chuanlin, +115 authors Da Tice
  • 2012
added and incubated for 1 h at room temperature while shaken. Tetramethylbenzidine substrate (BioFX Laboratories, Owings Mills, MD) was added and the subsequent reaction was quantitated at 450 nm with a Victor 1420 reader (Perkin... Protein Kinase A-Dependent Step(s) in Hepatitis C Virus Entry and Infectivity, " J. Virol., 82:8797-8811 (2008)...Bound HRP(More)
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