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AIMS To develop and validate a non-invasive method for measuring myocardial iron in order to allow diagnosis and treatment before overt cardiomyopathy and failure develops. METHODS AND RESULTS We have developed a new magnetic resonance T2-star (T2*) technique for the measurement of tissue iron, with validation to chemical estimation of iron in patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the rate of perinatal hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission in an Australian setting and to identify maternal virological factors associated with highest risk of transmission. DESIGN, PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING A prospective, observational study of perinatal transmission of HBV. Participants were pregnant women attending Sydney South(More)
Clinical complications of transfusional iron overload are still common in patients with thalassaemia major (TM) and it is not clear how best to monitor body iron stores during long-term follow-up to anticipate tissue damage. In this study, we have reviewed a group of 32 patients who underwent liver biopsy between 1984 and 1986. We developed a method of(More)
Heart failure from iron overload causes 71% of deaths in thalassaemia major, yet reversal of siderotic cardiomyopathy has been reported. In order to determine the changes in myocardial iron during treatment, we prospectively followed thalassaemia patients commencing intravenous desferrioxamine for iron-induced cardiomyopathy during a 12-month period.(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the introduction of the parenteral iron chelator desferrioxamine more than 30 years ago, 50% of patients with thalassaemia major die before the age of 35 years, predominantly from iron-induced heart failure. The only alternative treatment is oral deferiprone, but its long-term efficacy on myocardial iron concentrations is unknown. (More)
Medical, 577 pages. Used as a class instructional textbook or a comprehensive self-study tool, this programmed activity book explains the fundamentals of dental anatomy. This books features over. pages. Delineates the fundamentals of functional tooth form through drawings and carvings. Each illustration clearly pinpoints the critical landmarks-particularly(More)
AIMS To compare an echocardiographic method for detecting abnormal cardiac function before development of overt cardiomyopathy with a recently validated technique of quantifying myocardial iron load. METHODS AND RESULTS We examined thalassaemia patients whose myocardial iron load had been evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). By tissue Doppler(More)
BACKGROUND On April 8, 1998, an F5 tornado touched down in two counties of Alabama producing a wide path of destruction. The presence of a regional trauma system in this area presents an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the system in responding to the victims of this natural disaster. METHODS Emergency room logs and the regional trauma system(More)
We reviewed 63 consecutive cases of gunshot wounds of the ureter seen during a 15-year period. The importance of prompt recognition and aggressive surgical management is emphasized, with particular attention being placed on adequate debridement and spatulated splinted watertight ureteroureterostomy. Our philosophy of management for individual injuries is(More)