Sally H Cavanaugh

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OBJECTIVES A clinical pathway standardizing management for patients with an admission diagnosis of pneumonia was initiated after a previous study found delayed time to initial antibiotic administration, a longer length of stay, and higher mortality rate for the authors' patients as compared with those in a "benchmark" hospital. The current study was(More)
BACKGROUND Axillary dissection remains a standard component of the treatment of invasive carcinoma of the breast. The presence of metastases to the regional lymph nodes guides adjuvant therapy and aids in determining prognosis. Mammography results in the discovery of small and often node-negative carcinomas of the breast. STUDY DESIGN This 15-year,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine (1) reliability and validity estimates of three modalities used to assess open thoracotomy procedural competency and (2) the effect of computer practice on procedural performance as measured by the three assessment modalities. METHODS An experimental, sequential assessment design with volunteer examinees completing all three(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the feasibility for an institution to offer laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy as a cost-effective alternative to total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) in a managed care environment. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study in which 138 consecutive laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomies performed between December 1992 and May 1996 were(More)
Duplicate endocervical swabs were collected for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis by PCR (Roche Diagnostics). One swab was swirled in Specimen Transport Medium (Roche) for PCR testing and discarded. A saline aliquot from the other specimen, sent as a dry swab to the laboratory, was Papanicolaou stained to determine specimen adequacy, and the remainder was(More)
This study represents the second phase in a longitudinal study of the development of caring ability in registered nurses. A nationwide sample of female graduates of US baccalaureate nursing programs was resurveyed 3 years after the phase-one survey taken during nursing school. The purpose of the study was to continue an evaluation of several variables(More)
OBJECTIVE In clinical practice, thoracotomy and other critical emergency procedures are rarely required. Consequently, medical students and residents have difficulty acquiring procedural competency in these critical procedures. The authors developed objective written, computer, and animal-model assessments of thoracotomy procedural competency to permit(More)
The recovery of pathogens and the speed of their detection were determined for our conventional blood culture system (an Isolator [Wampole] and a 100-ml Thiol bottle [Difco]) compared with automated ESP aerobic and anaerobic bottles (80 ml each; Difco). Each of the four culture devices was inoculated with approximately 10 ml of blood from symptomatic(More)
This study compared the sensitivity and specificity of computed tomography (CT) scan and ventilation-perfusion (V-P) scan in detecting pulmonary embolism (PE) with pulmonary angiogram (AG) as the reference standard. Following a comprehensive search of the indexed medical literature, CT scan studies related to PE diagnosis were systematically evaluated to(More)
A conceptual framework for the study of school climate and development of professional caring ability is proposed that is compatible with research on learning environment and socialization. Student input characteristics were measured demographically and through use of previously validated scales from the Parental Bonding Instrument; student outcome(More)