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Replicas are material culture with a direct dependence on more ancient archaeological things, but they also deserve to be treated as things in their own right. As archaeological source material replicas help to complete the biographies of things; they certainly add to our knowledge even if they might occasionally complicate matters. The majority of such(More)
Replicas may complicate but also help to complete the biographies of their parent objects. Disentangling the antiquarian history of the St Andrews Sarcophagus introduces an unexpectedly precocious and productive programme of early 19th-century replication of archaeological objects for the purposes of archaeological science ('expiscation'), and its(More)
AIM To generate a substantive theory for understanding the phenomenon of nursing home care for older people in Taiwan. BACKGROUND Taiwanese culture shows great respect for older people and older people are traditionally cared for at home by their families. However, the older population in Taiwan is rapidly increasing and this demographic shift, together(More)
16 Sally Foster examines the work of the Victoria & Albert Museum's circulation department in the late 19th century, to explore the reasons behind a growth in the production of plaster casts of early medieval sculpture W ith the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) at Dundee planning to open by 2016, it is timely to reflect on the earlier role of the V&A in(More)
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Use of the expert system as a tool for clinical decision support for students and practitioners of nursing is a subject of much discussion and developmental activity. A prototype of a nursing expert system was designed for use in a simulated laboratory environment to provide nursing students with decision support in identifying and managing common(More)
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