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The K+ channel expressed by the KCNJ10 gene (Kir4.1) has previously demonstrated importance in retinal function in animal experiments. Recently, mutations in KCNJ10 were recognised as pathogenic in man, causing a constellation of symptoms, including epilepsy, ataxia, sensorineural deafness and a renal tubulopathy designated as EAST syndrome. We have studied(More)
AIM Recently, we reported a previously unrecognized symptom constellation comprising epilepsy, ataxia, sensorineural deafness, and tubulopathy (EAST syndrome) associated with recessive mutations in the KCNJ10 gene. Here, we provide a detailed characterization of the clinical features of the syndrome to aid patient management with respect to diagnosis,(More)
Biallelic FAM20A mutations cause two conditions where Amelogenesis Imperfecta (AI) is the presenting feature: Amelogenesis Imperfecta and Gingival Fibromatosis Syndrome; and Enamel Renal Syndrome. A distinctive oral phenotype is shared in both conditions. On Sanger sequencing of FAM20A in cases with that phenotype, we identified two probands with single,(More)
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