Sally E. Blank

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PURPOSE To examine the effect of regular Iyengar yoga practice on measures of self-perceived psychosocial function and diurnal salivary cortisol secretion in stage II-IV breast cancer survivors (n = 18). DATA SOURCES Women were randomly assigned to attend yoga practice for 90 min twice weekly for 8 weeks (n = 9) or to a wait-listed, noninterventional(More)
Alcohol is a known suppressant to the immune system, and alcoholics frequently have impaired humoral and cell-mediated immunity. Several studies indicate that alcohol modulates natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells provide important defense against certain infectious diseases, spontaneously arising tumors and, in particular, to blood-borne(More)
Effects of 4-week food restriction and ethanol consumption on natural killer (NK) cell activity and carcass composition were evaluated. Female, C57BL/6 mice given water (H2O) or ethanol (20% w/v, ETOH) ad libitum were placed in one of three dietary groups: unrestricted (UNR), moderately restricted (MR, 2.2 g/day), or severely restricted (SR, 1.8 g/day).(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies in our laboratory indicate that alcohol consumption suppresses the metastasis of B16BL6 melanoma, whereas the cytolytic activity of natural killer (NK) cells is decreased in female C57BL/6 mice given 20% w/v alcohol in their drinking water. In the present study, we further evaluated the involvement of NK cells and alcohol(More)
The aero-cycling posture has become increasingly popular among cyclists. Because of the potential for altered lung mechanics in the aero-cycling posture, the ventilatory and gas exchange profiles of 10 moderately trained males (31.1 +/- 6.3 yr, mean +/- SD) exercising on a cycle ergometer in the upright posture (UC) and aero-cycling (AC) posture were(More)
Collegiate varsity oarswomen and coxswain (N = 11) completed maximal aerobic exercise tests on a treadmill, a rowing ergometer, and a simulated climbing machine. Successful completion of each test was evidenced by a plateau in oxygen consumption in response to increasing work rates. VO2max (l.min-1), and minute ventilation (VE, l.min-1) at VO2max were(More)
Lewis rats were used to determine the encephalitogenic activity of myelin basic protein of different species and of 45-residue fragments of basic protein. Basic protein from guinea pigs was more active than that from rats, and the fragments from the two species showed the same order of activity. Bovine basic protein was the least active of the intact(More)
Human dendritic cell (DC) subsets perform specialized functions for surveillance against bacterial and viral infections essential for the management of type 2 diabetes (T2D). Production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) by DCs acts in autocrine fashion to regulate DC maturation and promotes the inflammatory response. This study was designed to compare(More)
Previous work demonstrated that splenic natural killer (NK) cell cytolytic activity was suppressed in ethanol-consuming mice within 1 week and for as long as 10 weeks concurrent with ethanol intake. However, it is unknown if suppression of NK cell activity with ethanol consumption results from regional losses in NK cells. The present experiments were(More)