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BACKGROUND There is a lack of consensus as to the best way of monitoring psoriasis severity in clinical trials. The Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) is the most frequently used system and the Physician's Global Assessment (PGA) is also often used. However, both instruments have some drawbacks and neither has been fully evaluated in terms of(More)
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High school students' scores on a paper-and-pencil test of social anxiety were correlated with talking, eye contact and gesturing behaviors during a 10-min vidotaped interview. Results showed that high anxious subjects talked less while listening to instruction. They also held the gaze for less total time and in bouts of shorter duration while they were(More)
BACKGROUND Involuntary admission is one of the most ethically challenging practices in medicine, yet we are only beginning to learn more about the patient's perspective. AIMS To investigate (i) peoples' perception of the necessity of their involuntary admission at one year after discharge (ii) readmission rates to hospital and the influence of insight and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine voluntary human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing rates and factors influencing testing in a private obstetric practice. METHODS Antepartum patients were offered HIV testing after completing a self-assessment questionnaire. Perceived risks and demographics were correlated with testing rates. RESULTS Overall, 348/600 (58%) women(More)
A heterogeneous sample completed a demographic survey, a measure of internal-external locus of control (I-E), the Hospital Stress Rating Scale (HSRS), and a state anxiety measure on the eve of major surgery. Three sets of variables (demographic, cognitive, and experiential) together significantly accounted for one-quarter of the variance in state anxiety.(More)
In our current health care system, health care agencies are seeing their budgets reduced and their human and support resources stretched to the limit. Many health regions are grappling with decreasing dollars by finding ways to reduce patient length-of-stay in acute care hospitals. But sending patients home earlier can present problems, especially for(More)
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