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BACKGROUND Exposure to indoor allergens contributes to increased asthma morbidity. The Inner-City Asthma Study, a randomized trial involving home environmental allergen and irritant remediation among children aged 6 through 11 years with moderate-to-severe asthma, successfully reduced asthma symptoms. A cost-effectiveness analysis can help stakeholders to(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of asthma Self Management Training on the health status and resource use of patients with chronic asthma. The study consisted of a randomized control design of chronic asthmatic patients in a tertiary care center in India. The intervention group (153 patients) received four training sessions in addition to(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study, we investigated the relative contributions of both age and time to death to health care expenditures for elderly Medicare beneficiaries. We also analyzed differences in expenditure patterns by age and time to death for various service types and payers. METHODS We conducted graphical analysis of person-month level data on 25,994(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this work was to determine 1-year medical outcomes, nursing home transfer, and functional change of assisted living (AL) residents and their relationship to care. METHODS On-site interviews and observations regarding the status and care of 2,078 residents in 193 facilities across four states were conducted; follow-up was by(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand how caring for grandchildren affects the physical and mental health of grandparents in Taiwan. METHOD Grandparents aged 50 and older from 4 waves of the Taiwan Longitudinal Study on Aging (1993-2003, n = 3,711) were divided into 7 categories based on living arrangement and caregiving history. Generalized estimation equations(More)
OBJECTIVE Increasingly, epidemiologic studies use administrative data to identify atrial fibrillation (AF). Capture of incident AF is not well documented. We examined incidence rates and concordance of AF diagnosis based on active cohort follow-up versus surveillance of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data in the Atherosclerosis Risk in(More)
OBJECTIVES People who are close to retirement age show the highest rates of weight gain and obesity. We investigate the effect of retirement on the change in body mass index (BMI) in diverse groups varying by wealth status and occupation type. METHODS Six panels of the Health and Retirement Study (1992-2002) on individuals aged 50-71 were used (N =(More)
OBJECTIVES High turnover rates among nursing assistants (NAs) in nursing homes have costly implications for facility operation and quality, and low rates of NA profession retention can deplete the stock of experienced staff. This study assessed the extent to which the same factors are associated with NAs' intent to leave a particular job versus the NA(More)
OBJECTIVES Prior studies associate hospice use with reduced hospitalization and spending at the end of life based on all Medicare hospice beneficiaries. In this study, we examine the impact of different lengths of hospice care and nursing home residency on hospital use and spending prior to death across 5 disease groups. METHODS We compared inpatient(More)
BACKGROUND Within the United States, public insurance premiums are used both to discourage private health policy holders from dropping coverage and to reduce state budget costs. Prior research suggests that the odds of having private coverage and being uninsured increase with increases in public insurance premiums. The aim of this paper is to test effects(More)