Sally-Anne Barnes

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Simulation is becoming an increasingly accepted method for training personnel for complex or high risk tasks. With the advent of modern Virtual Reality (VR) technology, such simulations are becoming more and more immersive. One significant limitation to the advance of this science is the challenges associated with simulating the touch or feel of various(More)
In an effort to investigate the mechanics of drop landing on a flat surface, bilateral performance characteristics during the landing were investigated. Two force plates were used as landing surfaces, and the six component kinetic time histories and the path of the center of pressure were measured for both feet. The forces were combined to obtain the(More)
This paper provides an overview of the work of the Connexions Kent Guidance P.A.s and considers their needs in terms of knowledge maturing and development. It goes on to examine why a PLE could assist in this process and outlines the different functions of a PLE. Then a scenario is outlined illustrating the possible use of the PLE. Finally, a Mashup(More)
The evolutionary process in which knowledge objects are transformed from informal and highly contextualized artefacts into explicitly linked and formalized learning objects, together with the corresponding organisational learning processes, have been termed Knowledge Maturing. Whereas wikis and other tools for collaborative building of knowledge have been(More)
Knowledge work is performed in all occupations and across all industries. The level of similarity of knowledge work allows for designing supporting tools that can be widely used. In this paper an activity-based perspective towards knowledge work is taken. Based on findings from a previous ethno-graphically-informed study, we identified valuable activities(More)
The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Acknowledgements The Warwick Institute for Employment Research would like to thank all those participants in this study who agreed to be interviewed, so giving their time and expertise. Specifically:
Foreword The UK Commission for Employment and Skills is a social partnership, led by Commissioners from large and small employers, trade unions and the voluntary sector. Our mission is to raise skill levels to help drive enterprise, create more and better jobs and promote economic growth. Our strategic objectives are to: • Provide outstanding labour market(More)