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Users of complex software applications often learn concepts and skills through step-by-step tutorials. Today, these tutorials are published in two dominant forms: <i>static tutorials</i> composed of images and text that are easy to scan, but cannot effectively describe dynamic interactions; and <i>video tutorials</i> that show all manipulations in detail,(More)
Computer Science Illustrated<sup>1</sup> is an endeavor to help visual learners comprehend computer science topics through a series of resolution-independent illustrations, which are made available online for use as handouts in class and posters in the computer labs. These illustrations are designed to present concepts as engaging and memorable visual(More)
The composition of a photograph plays a vital role in determining its aesthetic quality. Cropping is a relatively simple way to improve a photograph’s composition. In contrast to this simple task, however, the underlying theory of visual aesthetics are complex and fuzzy. What determines humans to prefer one special composition over another is still an open(More)
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