Sally A. Hunsberger

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BACKGROUND Results of several studies have suggested that diet during adolescence may influence the risk of breast cancer in adulthood. We evaluated whether an intervention to lower fat intake among adolescent girls altered their serum concentrations of sex hormones that, in adults, are related to breast cancer development. METHODS We conducted an(More)
Semi-parametric regression models assume that the effects of covariates on the mean response are additive. We propose a test of additivity when there is one continuous covariate and a group indicator. At p fixed points, the differences of the within-group kernel estimates of the means are calculated, and the likelihood ratio test that the p differences have(More)
Description Calculates conditional exact tests (Fisher's exact test, Blaker's exact test, or exact McNe-mar's test) and unconditional exact tests (including score-based tests on differences in proportions , ratios of proportions, and odds ratios, and Boshcloo's test) with appropriate matching confidence intervals, and provides power and sample size(More)
This paper develops a model for repeated binary regression when a covariate is measured with error. The model allows for estimating the effect of the true value of the covariate on a repeated binary response. The choice of a probit link for the effect of the error-free covariate, coupled with normal measurement error for the error-free covariate, results in(More)
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