Sally A Craig

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Medical and social problems related to alcohol use are frequently seen in the ED. Often, the tempo of emergency medicine practice seems to preclude assessment beyond that required by the acute complaint. However, detection of ED patients with alcohol problems can occur using brief screening tools. This article was developed by members of the SAEM Substance(More)
Early intervention and appropriate referral of patients with alcohol problems have the potential to reduce alcohol-related morbidity and mortality. Part 1 of this series introduced screening tools that can be applied in the ED to allow early detection of at-risk drinkers. This article was developed by members of the SAEM Substance Abuse Task Force and(More)
BACKGROUND Facial and dental appearance influences how individuals are perceived by others. AIM This study aimed to determine whether young people make judgements about other young people with visible enamel opacities. DESIGN Focus group findings were used to develop a social attribute questionnaire to capture young people's dental appearance-related(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine what proportion of children undergo radiographic assessment prior to referral to a dental hospital for extractions under general anaesthesia. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN This prospective survey was conducted over a 6-month period. A data sheet was used to record the following information: patient's age; referrer's name and place of work(More)
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