Sallie P. Sheldon

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In field measurements and laboratory experiments we assessed the influence of high levels of iron, manganese, and concurrent blooms of iron-depositing bacteria, Leptothrix ochracea, on macroinvertebrates. Macroinvertebrate communities in five of six streams were depauerate inside blooms. Reasons for the decreased abundance vary among taxa, with our(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY The discontinuous North American distribution of Najas gracillima has not been explained satisfactorily. Influences of extirpation, nonindigenous introduction, and postglacial migration on its distribution were evaluated using field, fossil, morphological, and molecular data. Najas is a major waterfowl food, and(More)
The origin of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in Lake Champlain has been heavily debated over the past decade. Given the lack of historical documentation, two competing hypotheses have emerged in the literature. First, it has been argued that the relatively recent population size increase and concomitant rise in wounding rates on prey populations are(More)
Changes in relative contribution to total stream photosynthetic and respiratory rates by various community components of an open channel stream were estimated. Rates of photosynthetic production of plankton, benthos and macrophytes (with associated epiphytes) were followed through the growing season and compared with total estimates from a diurnal oxygen(More)
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